Contact Lens Exam at Mudgil Eye Associates

A routine or medical eye exam does not include a contact lens fitting/exam. Contact lens exams are more complex and require additional services, measurements and time to perform and therefore incur a separate charge. This portion of the exam is not covered by insurances. We will gladly provide you a receipt if you wish to submit these charges to your plan.

Current contact wearers who need an annual contact exam and are either wearing contact lenses prescribed by Mudgil Eye Associates or who bring their current contact lens prescription to the appointment will be charged an annual follow up rate. However, if an established contact lens wearer wishes to try a different lens type/brand or different wearing schedule, they will be charged as a refitting rate.

Patients who have never worn contact lenses, or new patients who do not have all the parameters for their current contact lenses, will require a new contact fitting/exam. For patients never seen before at the practice and not also getting a medical exam, a screening exam will also be necessary separate to the fitting. The cost of the contact fitting will be will depend on the complexity of the fitting. We provide two complimentary follow up visits in the first 90 days of the contact fitting. There will be an additional charge for each subsequent visit.

For all new and established contact lens wearers, an annual contact lens exam is required by law to ensure the lenses are fitting the eyes appropriately and that the health of the eyes is not harmed by the contact lenses. According to the FDA (food and drug administration) contact lenses are classified as medical devices and regulated the same way as prescription drugs. Our goal is to keep your eyes healthy and for you to remain a successful contact wearer as long as you desire. Contact lens prescriptions are valid for one year.

Payment for contact lens services is expected at the time of service.

For additional questions, please feel free to ask Dr. Borowski or contact our billing department (610-429-3004).